President Trump – “A Lot of Very Positive Things Are Happening… The Plan We’re on Now…[Is] Going to Make People Very, Very Happy”


President Trump met with Wayne Root last week and he discussed many things, but one item he shared, we may have missed was very important. 

Wayne Root has a huge radio presence in the Las Vegas area and nationally.  He had President Trump on his show last Tuesday and they shared a number of topics.  We shared the entire interview with President Trump late last week.

WAYNE ROOT: My Latest Groundbreaking Interview with President Donald J. Trump…and a Shocking New $800 Million Biden Scandal

During the discussion at around the 6:10 minute mark, Root begins to discuss his idea of having President Trump take over the Speaker’s role in the House after the 2022 Election.  There are numerous positive points that Root makes in having President Trump do this.  After discussing this scenario President Trump responded as follows:

Well I think a lot of things are happening and a lot of very positive things are happening, you know, when you look into the future that was your idea.  I heard it from you first.  I don’t know, it certainly has been going around and frankly I hope we don’t need it because what should happen is, what the plan that we’re on now and the plan that’s going to make people very, very happy we’ll be announcing sometime later, and that’s really what should happen.  But we will, you know we’re going to make America great again.  So I say Make America Great Again Again.

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Listen to the full interview below.

I guess we’ll have to see what that plan is. 

What do you think?

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