President Trump: “GREAT NEWS FOR ARIZONA, Senator Paul Boyer, a RINO Obstructionist, Is Done.”


Arizona State Senator Paul Boyer, “a RINO if there ever was one”, will not run for reelection next year and President Trump has given him a special farewell from office.

Paul Boyer has been nothing but trouble for Arizona Republicans and the Arizona audit.

President Trump has publicly shamed him in the past for his failure to represent his constituents.

President Trump Blasts RINO AZ State Senator: “Boyer Has been Nothing But Trouble and Nobody Knows Why”

In February, RINO Boyer co-sponsored a resolution to hold the County Board of Supervisors in contempt for their non-compliance with the Arizona Senate, then voted “no”. That vote killed the resolution.

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This vote caused a months-long fight for subpoenaed materials, and the audit still is not finished as a result.

Paul Boyer voted again with Democrats in June when he joined RINO State Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita and the Dems to kill a critical election integrity bill brought to the floor by Senator Kelly Townsend.

Two Arizona ‘Republican’ State Senators Kill Election Integrity Bill Before Adjournment (VIDEO)

This news on Senator Boyer is truly great news for Arizona and America!

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