Project Veritas: ESPN Talent Discuss Toxic Workplace in Explosive Undercover Footage, ‘Just Blatantly Racist Sh*t’ (VIDEO)


Project Veritas released undercover video exposing ‘blatantly racist sh*t’ at ESPN Tuesday night.

The whistleblower, ESPN Studio Operator Trevor Adams, recorded undercover video and audio of several ESPN employees discussing a toxic and racist workplace.

Via Project Veritas:

Undercover footage recorded at ESPN published by Project Veritas on Tuesday revealed what appears to be a workplace environment full of toxic racist tension.

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In one clip, a black studio operator discusses, “the racial sh*t that happens in here all the time.” In another clip, a black woman working as an audio communications specialist says, “that’s not how it is” when addressing the difference between ESPN’s workplace environment and social justice image.

The footage was obtained by former ESPN Studio Operator, Trevor Adams, who previously sent a companywide email airing these concerns, and others shared by his coworkers, about the problematic workplace environment.

Surveillance footage outside of Adams’ home shows local law enforcement arriving at the request of ESPN which flagged him as a security threat two days after that his email was sent. During the interaction with law enforcement, they confirmed that they were sent by the company as a result of the email.

Adams was surprised by the reaction from ESPN given the amount of support he received from coworkers. “A lot of people were cheering me on. A lot of people said, ‘We’re glad you sent this. We hope something comes of it. We don’t think it will, but we’re glad that finally someone spoke up.’”

A black woman working as a lead audio communications specialist who said, “that’s not how it is” when addressing the difference between ESPN’s workplace environment and social justice image, is also seen on footage offering her support for Adams.

“From my experience, especially with the discrimination and the racism. I think he’s [Trevor Adams] just trying to shine light on a bigger situation, and I said, ‘I’ll back him.’ I wanted to do what he did, but I know if I would have done that, I would have been fired.’”


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