Putin Openly Mocks the US – Says Biden’s Decision to Run for Reelection “Was Absolutely Right to Do”


Vladimir Putin is openly mocking the US today. The Russian tyrant told reporters Joe Biden’s announcement to run again in 2024 was “absolutely” the right thing to do.

There is nothing Russia would love more than to have a weakened United States in decline on the world stage with a dementia patient as president.

No President in modern history has done more for Russia than Joe Biden who killed the US energy sector and gave the Russian economy a huge boost.

Putin also has the dirt on the Bidens. So he knows how to keep them in check.

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Even Hunter Biden admitted to a hooker while smoking crack that the Russians have his laptop and may use it for blackmail.

Vlad Putin is very pleased.

Newsmax reported:

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday he had not yet decided whether to run for six more years in the Kremlin when his current term ends in 2024, while praising U.S. President Joe Biden’s decision to seek reelection in that year.

Putin has been in power as president or prime minister since the turn of the century, making him the longest-serving Kremlin leader since Josef Stalin. Russia passed reforms last year allowing him to run for two more six-year terms, without which he would have had to step down in 2024.

Speaking at an investment forum in Moscow, the Kremlin leader suggested that the very option of him being able to run for president again had prevented the political system from being undermined.

“Whether or not I do this is yet to be decided, but the very existence of this right (to run) is already stabilizing the domestic political situation,” he said…

“What President Biden said about his possible reelection I think he was absolutely right to do. Because if you don’t start preparing for the elections, I think the governability of the country will suffer to a significant degree,” Putin said.

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