Raskin: GOP ‘Operates Like an Authoritarian Political-Religious Cult’


Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “All In” that former President Donald Trump had “only consolidated his control” over the Republican Party, which now operates like “an authoritarian political-religious cult.”

Anchor Chris Hayes said, “There are hundreds of elected Republicans across the states and a relatively small amount that were actively plotting along with the president who, as far as we know.”

Raskin said, “That’s right. There were people who deliberately defied him, like secretary of state Brad Raffensperger in Georgia. There were dozens of election officials who refused to just nullify and vaporize the actual votes of the election. What’s interesting, though, is that Donald Trump has only consolidated his control over the GOP, which now operates like an authoritarian political-religious cult.”

He added, “The people who said no to him are being systematically opposed and purged by his party. So you’ve got an entire political party which has positioned itself outside of the constitutional order, which is attacking the outcome of our elections and our basic constitutional processes. So it’s a very dangerous moment for our democracy, and so, we want to look and see what every element of the attack on the 2020 election was.”

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