Rep. Mark Finchem Receives Subpoena from Liz Cheney’s Jan 6 Gang – He Did Nothing Wrong But That Doesn’t Matter


Liz Cheney’s Jan 6 Committee continues its assault on good Americans who want free and fair elections.

The corrupt and unconstitutional committee is moving forward with its harassment of Americans who worked to address the stolen 2020 Election.  In Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem was the leader in this effort.  He assisted with the election review with President Trump’s team after the 2020 Election in that state.

Liz Cheney’s Jan 6 Committee Subpoenas Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem and Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward

Thousands of issues concerning hundreds of thousands of ballots were eventually uncovered in the work performed in Arizona.

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Now Liz Cheney and her corrupt gang in the DC House are after Finchem.  Their requests are based on lies – the biggest being that the 2020 Election in Arizona was not a complete fraud.  So they are coming after Finchem to harass him and punish him for standing up for the truth against the seditionists who stole the 2020 Election.  Their requests are lengthy, unreasonable and disgusting.

Below is the Jan 6 subpoena sent to Representative Finchem.

2022 02 15 Subpoena Signed Final Finchem Mark W_ Redacted by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Below is the Jan 6 committee’s subpoena of Finchem’s phone records.

20220211_Verzon Subpoena Redacted by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Mark shares:

These Marxists seek only to crush good people doing the right things for the right reasons. They are terrified of people like me who won’t be bullied.

You can help Mark stand up to Liz Cheney and her corrupt gang in DC by giving to Mark’s GiveSendGo defense fund

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