Rush Limbaugh Producer James Golden: Every Single One of the 13 Republicans Who Voted for Infrastructure Bill Should Be Primaried and Removed


Rush Limbaugh producer and author James Golden, AKA Bo Snerdly, joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Friday morning after House Democrats passed their “Build Back Broke” Socialist spending bill on the House floor this morning.

James told Steve that every single one of the 13 Republican traitors who voted for the sham infrastructure bill should be primaried and removed. Enough is enough.

James Golden: every single one of the 13 Republicans who voted for that infrastructure bill needs to face the voters. They need a primary challenger and a strong primary challenger vetted that can beat them. It is a disgrace. And you have some of them whining around saying, “Oh I did this for my district.” Your Republican districts aren’t going to get this money. This money is going straight to Democrat Party coffers. That’s where all of this money is going.

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Via The War Room:

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