Scarborough on U.S.-Ukraine Response — ‘Joe Biden Has Done What We Need American Presidents to Do’


MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Monday praised President Joe Biden’s handling of Russia’s invading of Ukraine.

According to Scarborough, “Biden has done what we need American presidents to do,” which he noted was “quietly” and “diplomatically stitching NATO back together after it was being ripped apart by Donald Trump.”

“If you look at what Joe Biden inherited, no ideology here, let’s just talk history. What he inherited. He inherited a foreign policy for a president that worked feverishly four years to undermine NATO, to attack NATO’s leaders, to attack the very idea of NATO, at times calling into question some of its most basic tenets,” Scarborough argued. “And as far as Ukraine goes, these javelin missiles that have been so important, of course, as we’ve mentioned before, you had Donald Trump refusing … to immediately send those weapons that had already been authorized by Congress, slow walking it until he got dirt on Joe Biden in the middle of a presidential campaign. This is what Joe Biden has inherited.”

“I was very critical of the Biden administration on Afghanistan, the retreat from Afghanistan, and the fact we didn’t keep 2,500 peacekeeping forces in there. But as far as this crisis goes, Mika, from the very beginning, Joe Biden has done what we need American presidents to do, and that is quietly, diplomatically stitching NATO back together after it was being ripped apart by Donald Trump for four years and bringing NATO actually into a better place than its been, again, in decades.”

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