Sen. Warren, other top Democrats use bullying to stop pregnancy help groups from assisting moms


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So, Senator Elizabeth Warren is at it again. 

Not content to have stepped in it back in July when she uttered the absurd claim that pregnancy help centers torture women and should be shut down “all around the country,” the Massachusetts Democrat has pulled another political stunt to appease her pro-abortion supporters. 

Warren and a handful of pro-abortion colleagues in the U.S. Senate sent a slanderous letter to Heartbeat International this week purportedly seeking answers on Heartbeat’s data collection practices and policies. 


Heartbeat is the largest network of pregnancy help globally and in the U.S. 

Graffiti and red paint found at Washington, DC’s Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center. (Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center)

Graffiti and red paint found at Washington, DC’s Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center. (Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center) (Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center)

The letter is unserious in that it is not based on fact, but serious in its real intent – which is to intimidate those who do not support abortion as the only option for women facing unplanned pregnancy. 

To be clear, every woman deserves compassionate care and support when facing an unexpected pregnancy. And the tools pregnancy centers use to provide this care are safe and secure, as client safety is of the utmost importance. 

Pro-abortion groups have conjectured for years that Heartbeat may use client info in nefarious ways and yet it has never happened. 

This latest stunt is but another pro-abortion attack in the wake of the Dobbs ruling that sent abortion back to the states. 

It’s not enough that pregnancy help organizations and other pro-life entities have been targeted by abortion activists with violence, vandalism, and threats since the Dobbs draft leak in May, without honest pursuit of the domestic terrorists behind the attacks by the federal government. 

No, these Big Abortion allies seek to come at pregnancy help from a place of intimidation from the halls of Congress. 

The result of Dobbs is among the falsehoods floated in the abortion senators’ letter, with their histrionic statement that Dobbs “stripped women of their right to an abortion.” 

Other fictions put forth by the Democrat lawmakers include Heartbeat and affiliate pregnancy help centers “luring pregnant people” “by using a variety of false and misleading tactics,” that “Heartbeat International promotes websites that have inaccurate claims,” and that Heartbeat employs “misleading practices.” 

Crowds outside the court reacting to the Dobbs ruling.

Crowds outside the court reacting to the Dobbs ruling. (Photo by Joshua Comins/Fox News)

These statements are made with no substantiation, they have no basis in reality, and exist solely in the pro-abortion realm as rotating talking points. 

They’re not the only untruths contained in the letter, but to be frank, without the fabrications and presumptions put forth by Warren, along with Senators Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii; Cory Booker, D-NJ; Bernie Sanders, I-VT; Ron Wyden, D-OR; Ed Markey, D-Mass. and Richard Blumenthal, D-CT, there’d be no letter at all. 

These federal lawmakers actually expect readers to believe that the women who approach Heartbeat affiliates for service and support “misleadingly believe they can seek legitimate abortion and reproductive health care services.” 

So even accepting the ridiculous premise that pregnancy help personnel are actively misleading women, their claim that the women coming in for assistance could be so easily deceived insults these women. 

“Trust women,” the abortion talking point goes, except when they might potentially stray from the path to abortion and engage pregnancy help. 

The senators attempt in their letter to paint Heartbeat’s Next Level Content Management Solution and Option Line contact center as devouring data from unsuspecting women in need, with no oversight or accountability, implying that this information will be handed over to, wait for it, “abortion bounty hunters.” 

Their wild-eyed imaginations aside, the senators presume and present Heartbeat’s life-affirming mission and its efforts to operate as a resource for its affiliate organizations in today’s tech-driven world as nefarious simply for not being conducive with their abortion agenda. 

In reality, Heartbeat has been around for more than 50 years, Option Line for nearly 20, and Next Level for seven years, and never has there been a data breach of client information. Every business has the responsibility to learn more about who they want to serve and how to serve them best. Data makes that possible. Heartbeat is no different, except we serve our “customers” without charge or profit motive.  

A Planned Parenthood facility is seen in Sacramento, Calif., Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2022.

A Planned Parenthood facility is seen in Sacramento, Calif., Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2022. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Further truths: Next Level actually secures client information more than paper, the scenarios being speculated by pro-abortion senators would be the same for centers using paper record keeping, Next Level, Option Line, and Heartbeat work hard to follow all applicable laws on privacy and security, Next Level uses the same secure software platforms used at hospitals and doctor’s offices nationwide, and each pregnancy help medical clinic is under the direction of a medical director — all of whom are licensed appropriately and follow all applicable medical guidelines. 

One might ask whether the rabid intent on assailing pregnancy help organizations stems at all from the fact that each of these senators has received campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood. 


You know Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, which claims that abortion is but 3% of its business, and which received more than $630 million in taxpayer money last year alone. 

Oh, and, hey, Planned Parenthood’s security and privacy web pages admit that it gives client info to other companies such as TikTok, Google and Facebook. 

So, are these Democrat senators looking into the security of that organization? 


Don’t hold your breath. 

If the senators truly cared about the protection of women’s health, they would be working with other Members of Congress to understand what Big Tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter do with the information they receive from women searching for pregnancy help. 

Let’s be honest; this isn’t about what’s best for women, and it isn’t about “choice.” It is merely because pregnancy centers provide the antidote to abortion. 

Jor-El Godsey is president of Heartbeat International. 

What do you think?

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