Senile Old Joe Biden Makes Up Name of Lake in Yesterday’s Speech – There Is No Oswego Lake in New York


Joe Biden got lost and claimed he once was a lifeguard on Lake Oswego in New York.  The problem is there is no such place.  Biden’s just keeps making things up not realizing how demoralizing this is for his Administration and the country. 

During a speech yesterday, Joe Biden shared that he once worked as a lifeguard on Lake Oswego when talking about New York.  The problem is there is no Lake Oswego in New York.

There is a Lake Oswego in Oregon but there is no evidence Biden worked there.  He’s probably never been there.

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There is a city of Oswego in New York which is on Lake Ontario with a history that goes back to the 1700’s.

There is an Oswego River in New York.  But the only lake nearby Oswego in New York is Lake Ontario.

“At my old hangouts as well. I went to Syracuse University. I was a lifeguard on Lake Oswego and I know the Oswego River up in New York.”

Not sure what lake he was a lifeguard on, but there is no Lake Oswego in New York (but to his credit, there is a river).

— Tommy Pigott (@TommyPigott) February 17, 2022

How much longer can this facade go on?

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