Shades of Jan 6th Witchhunt: Ottawa Police Chief Announces They Will Be Tracking Down Protesters for Months to Come- “Investigation Will Go On for Months” (VIDEO)


As if the scenes out of Ottawa weren’t already disturbing enough, videos emerged on Saturday of Canadian law enforcement officials diligently filming the crowds of protesters as they continue clearing the convoy.

In one example, Officers with handheld cameras can be seen perched above and behind the line of police for a better view.

The cops on Sparks, who are Calgary Police and cops at Wellington are both filming the crowd. First time I’ve noticed this

— Mackenzie Gray (@Gray_Mackenzie) February 19, 2022

The dystopian scene is all the more concerning when you consider what Nancy Pelosi and the sham witchhunt commission have done in the aftermath of January 6th. Hundreds of Americans were tracked down and are still being unconstitutionally held in the DC gulag – and that was without the use of something like the Emergencies Act, which is what is being used by Trudeau in Canada right now.

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Ottawa’s Interim Chief of Police Steve Bell was asked about the surveillance during today’s press conference, and, unfortunately, he confirmed that law enforcement is likely going to be following the Jan 6th playbook with the videos they collect.

In response to a reporter’s question about if police will be pursuing the people they have documented after the protests have ended, Bell stated that the police “will actively look to identify” people on the videos so that officers can track them down and hit them with “financial sanctions and criminal charges.”

“This investigation will go on for months to come,” he adds.

NEW – Canada: #Ottawa police chief: “If you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges. Absolutely. This investigation will go on for months to come.”

— (@disclosetv) February 19, 2022

Trudeau and his Snowflake Stasi (SS) officers have taken their tyranny way too far. Any and all violence, or at very, very least the overwhelming majority of it, has been spurred and carried out by the police, not the protesters.

They have been peacefully exercising their rights to stand up to Trudeau’s tyranny – nothing more. This is unacceptable, it’s Canada’s Tiananmen square moment. Canadians – and Americans – will not forget this horror show.

Meanwhile… CRICKETS from the White House. Don’t worry though, some American truckers should be making their way there very soon.


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