Spotify Says ‘Glitch’ Caused Joe Rogan’s Podcast to be Unavailable


Spotify on Friday said a ‘technical issue’ caused Joe Rogan’s podcast to become unavailable.

People searching for Joe Rogan’s podcast on Friday received error messages saying “something went wrong” or “couldn’t find that podcast.”

Rolling Stone reported a few other podcasts were also briefly down on Friday.

“It’s a technical issue affecting a number of our shows,” said a Spotify spokesperson, CNET reported.

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Friday’s ‘glitch’ on Spotify comes after the entire left-wing media apparatus and members of the Biden Administration called for Rogan’s podcast to be censored.

Rogan came under fire for inviting Dr. Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine gene therapy, to discuss the dangers and potential side effects of the Covid vaccines.

Spotify didn’t say exactly when the podcasts would be available again. The issue should be “resolved soon,” according to a spokesperson. – Engadget reported.

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