State Dept Spox Price on Jets: We’ve Authorize 14 Countries to Provide U.S. Equipment to Ukraine


State Department spokesperson Ned Price said Thursday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” said the United States has authorized 14 other countries to provide U.S. equipment when asked about Ukraine’s request for fighter jets.

Mitchell said, “You heard Zelensky’s emotional plea about Vladimir Putin to the Congress wanting more, wanting the no-fly zone, at least fighter jets. So the administration ruled out the MiGs they wanted to transfer via Germany for the U.S. to transfer. Can they get the jets from another country?”

Price said, “A couple of things. What we heard yesterday was a request for three two things the sanctions, security assistance and protection from the skies. And United States has provided and will continue to provide all of that. You referenced the two-page summary of weapon systems that we’re providing to Ukraine in the next traunch of $800 million signed out yesterday. In addition to anti-tank, anti-armor systems, there are advanced anti-aircraft surface-to-air systems. The Ukrainians have and will continue to use to good effect to down Russian missiles, rockets, planes as appropriate. We’re going to continue to provide that.

He added, “What we’ve done is authorize 14 other countries around the world to provide U.S.origin equipment. Secretary Blinken signed approvals himself on an expedited basis. So sovereign countries can make sovereign decisions about the security assistance they are in a position to provide Ukraine. We’re supportive of that.”

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