Steve Cortes Weighs in on Biden’s Record Inflation Numbers: The Biden Economic Fiasco Is Manmade – He Did That in Three Ways (VIDEO)


The annual inflation rate hit 7.5% in January. This is the highest increase in 40 years and much higher than expected.

The experts were expecting a 7.2% increase. They were wrong again.

On Thursday former Trump adviser Steve Cortes joined Steve Bannon on The War Room.

Steve stressed to the War Room audience that these are not just cyclical or random inflation numbers that we are seeing. These are intentional.

Steve then went on to describe Joe Biden’s three biggest mistakes in creating the record inflation in America today.

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1.) On day one Joe Biden killed the Keystone Pipeline and crushed the US energy sector

2.) Joe Biden issued unwanted and unconstitutional vaccine mandates on the American worker

3.) Joe Biden, Pelosi and Schumer spent like drunken Democrats

This was a great segment with Steve Cortes.

What do you think?

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