Sweden: Get Your Covid Vaccine Passport in a Chip in Your Hand #MarkOfTheBeast –VIDEO


Over the last few years some Swedish workers have volunteered to have microchips implanted in their hands so they no longer have to carry cash, ID, keys, gym passes etc.

Microchips are gaining popularity in Sweden and now Swedes are getting Covid vaccine passports implanted in their hands or elsewhere under their skin.

“Get your Covid certificate in a chip in your hand or elsewhere under the skin. It is increasingly popular to insert a chip into the body with different types of information and now you can also insert your Covid certificate in the chip.” – Aftonbladet, Sweden’s daily newspaper reported.

The Swedish Public Health Agency recently announced it is introducing vaccine passports for events over 100 people.

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Beginning December 1, Swedes will need a vaccine passport to go to theaters, concerts and other larger indoor events.

Microchipping is voluntary… for now, but give it some time and the Covid tyrants will make it mandatory in order for people to participate in society.


Sweden: Get your vaccine passports in a chip in your hand or elsewhere under the skin.

It is increasingly popular to insert an #IoB chip into the body with different types of data and now you can insert your covid certificates in the chip.

— ‘Sikh For Truth’. (@SikhForTruth) November 29, 2021

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