Teachers’ Union Boss Randi Weingarten Says She Will Only Support Unmasking Kids When There is ZERO Covid Transmission (VIDEO)


Teachers’ union boss Randi Weingarten has done more damage to children than most during the Covid pandemic.

Weingarten shut down schools and forced children to learn remotely.

Randi Weingarten this week said she will only support unmasking children when there is zero Covid transmission.

There will never be zero Covid transmission.

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Covid is here to stay so children will be masked forever?


Recall, Randi Weingarten admitted last year that Joe Biden’s CDC asked them for language on school reopening guidance.

“They asked us for language and we gave them language,” Weingarten said.

Several Democrat-run states are now dropping mask mandates for schools, but the CDC is refusing to update its guidance on masking.

Is Weingarten also giving the CDC language on masking guideance?

What do you think?

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