The rude, vulgar and offensive license plates rejected by Florida authorities in 2023, including ‘MR DUI’

The rude, vulgar and offensive license plates rejected by Florida authorities in 2023, including ‘MR DUI’
Vanity plates that says
The state of Florida denied 500 bids for vanity plates during 2023. Julie Stapen

It’s a bonfire of the vanities.

Sunshine State officials rejected more than 500 license plate applications in 2023 — with nixed submissions violating restrictions on the creative but sometimes crude vehicle markers.

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the prohibited plates were either rejected upon initial application or recalled later after others complained.

Apparently hoping to draw romantic interest from fellow drivers, a slew of applicants made not-so-subtle references to their endowment and readiness for love.

Plate proposals including ERECT 10, FATHOSE, BGWANG, and B1GDK were all disallowed — along with SEX DOC, WET YET, SUK ME and L0V SEX.

The seemingly confessional LIL WEWE was struck down.

Some other raunchy attempts apparently from woman applicants were also knocked down, including SHVD KTY and the less graphic MS SEXXY.

License plate registration documents and envelope on leather surface. DMV USA.
Vanity plate bids can be struck down for being too risqué. Getty Images

Others seemed oddly willing to broadcast their criminal proclivities to the world, with KIDNAPN, ON METH, MR DUI, C0NMAN 8, 9 GLOCK and MURRDER failing to make the cut.

Another brazen Floridian took it a step further and asked for a C0PS LIE placard — while another thought a C0P CAR plate might set him apart on the road.

One motorist made reference to Florida’s bruising fight over discussion of LGBTQ issues for kids in lower grades with a SAY GAAY submission, which was also turned away.

Using a screw driver to remove and replace a vehicle rear license plate. . High quality photo
License plates that suggest criminal acts or overt political leanings can also be struckdown. Getty Images

Some plates veered into more flagrantly objectionable areas, including SWASTIK and TRNS KLR.

According to state officials, personalized plate orders are reviewed for any objectionable material by local office staff. They are then vetted again at the state level before approval.

While most rejected plates are easily detected, more creative combinations sometimes slip through the cracks.

“If a personalized license plate has been issued and later determined to be obscene or objectionable, the department will recall the license plate,” according to the Department of Highway Safety.

The number of rejected Sunshine State plates has ticked up since 2021, when 400 submissions were turned down.

Still, Florida still gets lapped by New York when it comes to banned bids, with the Empire State logging more than 3,000 rejections in 2023.


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