“The Science Has Changed” – Communist Doctor on CNN Explains Why She Now Supports Lifting Pandemic Restrictions and Mask Mandates (VIDEO)


“The science has changed,” Dr. Leana Wen said Monday night on CNN as she explained why she now supports ending most pandemic restrictions.

Leana Wen was born in China and served as the president of Planned Parenthood until July 2019.

Dr. Wen has repeatedly stated that Americans who refuse to get vaccinated should have most of their rights taken away.

Now the science has changed even though daily Covid deaths are spiking.

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New daily Covid deaths is some places like California are spiking, but Leana Wen says it’s time to lift pandemic restrictions.

CA daily Covid deaths for Feb 8, 2022

Democrat-run states like California, Delaware, New Jersey and Connecticut are ending mask mandates as the 2022 election season begins.

Like clockwork, without citing any data or peer-reviewed studies, Leana Wen said it is now time to lift most pandemic restrictions because “the science has changed.”

Dr. Wen also said one-way masking works and “the decision to wear a mask should shift from a government mandate to an individual choice.”

Wen also said mask mandates for children should be lifted because it harms kids and makes it harder for them to learn.

Internal polling for Democrats going into 2022 must be really bad!


“The science has changed.” @DrLeanaWen explains why she supports lifting some pandemic restrictions and thinks the decision to wear a mask should shift from a government mandate to an individual choice.

— Anderson Cooper 360° (@AC360) February 8, 2022

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