‘The View’ Hosts Scold Americans For Not Appreciating Biden’s Accomplishments


The media really wants to save Biden’s failing presidency.

Hosts of The View lectured Americans for not being thankful for what Biden has done for America.

Newsbusters reported:

After watching the opening segment of Wednesday’s The View, you might say the right and left are living in two separate realities. But the liberal talk show hosts started the ABC show by rejoicing over how great things are in Joe Biden’s America.

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Despite the fact that most Americans disagree with them, the hosts scolded everyone to be thankful for what Biden’s done for the country.

Brushing aside rising gas costs, co-host Whoopi Goldberg cheered how there were “plenty of other reasons to feel hopeful this holiday.” After ABC played a video clip of Biden putting a positive spin on the economy yesterday, Goldberg scolded, “Well, I’m hoping people are hearing the message loud and clear, because he’s only been in for nine months!”

“[D]o you want — tell folks what he’s got done?” she asked. Behar proudly held up her White House-approved talking points to the audience and said she didn’t want to “bore” people with a list. But Goldberg cheered her on, “[B]ore ‘em! Bore ‘em”

The American people’s displeasure with Biden has been shown through his nosediving approval rating.

A recent Quinnipiac poll found Biden’s approval only at 36%.

Quinnipiac Poll: Biden Approval Plunges to 36 Percent Despite Enormous Media Support

Are these the achievements The View wants Americans to celebrate?

Everything is more expensive under Biden:

? Gas: +49.6%

? Sporting Goods: +8.7%

? Shoes: +5.2%

? Used Vehicles: +26.4%

? Natural Gas: +28.1%

? Hotels: +25.5%

? Electricity: +6.5%

? Propane: +34.7%

? Fresh Fish: +11%

? Computers: +8.4%

? Apples: +6.7%

? Eggs: +11.6%

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) November 15, 2021

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