THIS IS SO GOOD: Dr. Linda Lee Tarver: “I Know There Was Fraud – This Administration is Wicked. They Have Left People to Die – The Election Should Be Decertified” (VIDEO)


Dr. Linda Lee Tarver is a former Michigan Civil rights commissioner, Community affairs Director and Election Integrity Liason.

Dr. Tarver has documented the history of rampant voter fraud in Michigan and specifically in Detroit for AT LEAST 25 YEARS!

In December 2020 before a Michigan Senate committee, Dr. Tarver called for a forensic audit of the entire election here in Michigan. Dr. Tarver called the election process in Michigan a “hot mess” that has been going on for decades.

Tarver told the committee that she has seen ballot harvesters come in to deliver a stack of 75 ballots at a time to the elections office and set them on the counter.

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On Thursday night The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft and Patty McMurray from 100% Fed Up spoke with Dr. Linda Lee Tarver and state elections activist Philip O’Halloran on the recent fraud reports in Michigan from the 2020 election. Phil is working on an extensive report that details new information on the fraudulent 2020 presidential election in Michigan. The report will be released soon.

Dr. Linda Lee Tarver vowed to fight for justice in the state of Michigan. She delivered a passionate testimony that your reall must see.

Dr. Tarver was fantastic!

Dr. Linda Lee Tarver: What we saw in 2020 was not new. I know there was fraud. I would dare to have anyone tell me I am not an election integrity expert in Michigan. I am… There are bodies buried all over the place… We have to get some backbone.  People have been afraid.  And they have been scared.  They have been maligned.  They have been afraid to be called racist.  They have gone along to get along.  And I will tell you my scripture says you cannot coexist with the wicked.  You cannot align with the wicked.  And we have wicked.  I put “let’s go Brandon” in (on her name).  I’m a Christian girl.  But I will tell you that’s how I feel about the current resident of our United States.  He’s a wicked man and his administration is wicked.   They has left people to die.  And it is consequences of elections.  So anyone out there who might be a keyboard warrior today.  We are in a fight.  And we expect you to be in the fight with us.  And at the end of the day we can’t ensure anything except we will be fighting for our freedom, for our country to take it back.


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