Travis Kelce Seen Screaming at Coach Andy Reid, Getting Physical with Him

Travis Kelce Seen Screaming at Coach Andy Reid, Getting Physical with Him


 By Michael Austin  February 11, 2024 at 6:24pm

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was seen getting physical with his head coach during Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday.

Kelce has been dominating headlines lately — thanks in part to his great play and in part to his relationship with pop star Taylor Swift.

Kelce’s known for having a temper at times, but things went to a whole new level during Sunday’s game.

Travis Kelce looked less than enthused

— NFL on CBS ???? (@NFLonCBS) February 12, 2024

Travis Kelce looked less than enthused,” the official NFL on CBS account posted to X, along with a video of the player screaming in Kansas City head coach Andy Reid’s face.

In addition to the screams, Kelce shoved Reid slightly, to the point that Reid appeared to almost lose balance.

It’s been a day of headlines for Kelce — both positive and negative.

Much news has been centered around his girlfriend’s presence at the Super Bowl, a narrative that has come to the annoyance of many NFL fans all season long.

Should Andy Reid have benched Travis Kelce after this?

CBS even went as far as to film and cover Swift’s entrance to Allegiant Stadium as if she was one of the players actually participating in the game.

In addition, in an interview aired during Sunday’s pregame coverage, Kelce mocked “cranky” NFL fans and suggested, along with the CBS interviewer, that they were all crazed conspiracy theorists.

The above video, however, is perhaps the biggest controversy of the day.

Reactions on X certainly seem to suggest as much.

Should be ejected. No place for this in the nfl

— BengalsHead (@BengalsHead) February 12, 2024

“Should be ejected. No place for this in the nfl,” one X user posted in response to Kelce’s actions.

That guy needs to be sitting on the bench… he doesn’t have respect for his coach.

— Althea595 (@tab24759) February 12, 2024

“That guy needs to be sitting on the bench… he doesn’t have respect for his coach,” another user posted on X.

This is the real Travis Kelce. He’s needed humbled for years.

— Bengals Doge (@Bengals_Doge) February 12, 2024

“This is the real Travis Kelce. He’s needed humbled for years,” another user wrote.

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