TRUCKER CRACKDOWN BEGINS: Wild Scenes in Canada As Military, SWAT, and Police are all Sent in to Make Arrests and Tow Away Vehicles At Ambassador Bridge (VIDEO)


On Sunday, the Canadian military was sent in to assist law enforcement officials as they forcefully cleared out the Trucker Convoy protest from the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit.

Armed with a court order granted the day before, officers arrested dozens of protesters and towed away any vehicles that remained in the area.

Several peaceful protesters are now facing serious punishment, including possible fines of up to $100,000, imprisonment for up to a year, and even the “permanent” loss of their driver’s licenses.

Police handed out fliers on Saturday night, detailing the punishments for continuing to blockade the Ambassador bridge.

TRENDING: BREAKING: The FED Announces Closed Meeting to be Held Monday Morning Under Expedited Procedures

BREAKING: Ontario Police have begun handing out notices on Ambassador Bridge. Effective midnight tonight

— Honkmaster Poso ? (@JackPosobiec) February 12, 2022

Notice the last bulletpoint: “these measures will be permanent.” To add insult to injury, Trudeau and his stasi Goons are openly mocking the protesters for challenging his tyranny and demanding a ‘permanent’ end to mandates.

Seriously, screw this guy. F*ck Trudeau.

Despite the warnings, the brave Canadians remained, ready to take whatever punishment was coming to them.

Videos from earlier in the day on Sunday show police forming a perimeter around the main protest after they had announced they would begin making arrests at 11AM.


Police have begun moving the crowd away from the Ambassador Bridge down Huron Church Road, with a line of officers and a couple armoured vehicles out as they start to clear the border blockade in Windsor

— Brendan Gutenschwager (@BGOnTheScene) February 12, 2022

From Windsor police:

“Enforcement continuing, individuals who are located within the demonstration area are subject to arrest. People are advised to immediately vacate the area.”

Enforcement continuing, individuals who are located within the demonstration area are subject to arrest. People are advised to immediately vacate the area.

— Windsor Police (@WindsorPolice) February 12, 2022

Following the establishment of the initial police line, Riot squads and SWAT teams were dispatched to provide additional assistance. This appears to be when law enforcement began making the initial arrests.

BREAKING: Riot police, SWAT team deployed against Ambassador Bridge protesters in Canada

— Honkmaster Poso ? (@JackPosobiec) February 12, 2022

As the crackdown ensued, members of the Canadian Military also arrived on scene to facilitate the arrests.

In one video, military members can be seen flanking the police as they progress towards the crowd of protesters.

“SHAME! SHAME!” The convoy participants can be heard shouting.


?? Politie en militairen breken de blokkade op bij de Ambassador Bridge in Windsor op. Ze arresteren verschillende vrijheidsdemonstranten.

— Kees71 (@Kees71234) February 13, 2022

In another video that compiles several arrests, a handful of military members are seen marching into the protest area.

Police can also be seen manhandling an old man as they arrest him and pulling others out of their trucks.


Unbelievable scenes in Canada as heavily armed forces move in to make arrests and tow all vehicles from ambassador bridge.

— HATS (@HATSTruth) February 13, 2022

This was a sweeping effort that was coordinated by all levels of law enforcement.

According to the Post Millennial:

“In a collaborative effort between police at the local and national levels, authorities moved in and “peacefully” arrested multiple protestors while seven vehicles were towed just after dawn, Windsor police said.”

This is tyranny, plain and simple.

Rebel News has set up a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the legal defense of these brave men and women. Convoy Protesters are able to submit their tickets to offset the costs of their legal fees (link to submit tickets here). If you would like to support their fight for freedom by donating to the fund, the campaign for Trucker legal defenses can be found here.

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