Trudeau Labels a Jewish MP a Nazi, Won’t Apologize, Claims He’s Protecting Canadians’ Freedoms by Stripping Their Freedoms – Ignores that His Deputy Prime Minister’s Grandfather Was a Nazi


Canadia Prime Minister Justin Trudeau labeled a Jewish MP in Canada a Nazi and wouldn’t apologize while ignoring the fact that his Deputy Prime Minister’s grandfather was of Nazi. 

After MP Melissa Lantsman called out Trudeau on his freedom taking tyrannical emergency order put in place to shut down protests against his government’s tyrannical COVID mandates, the Prime Minister responded by calling the MP is a Nazi.

Trudeau was asked to retract his statement calling conservatives Nazis.  He would not do it.  Instead, he claimed that he was working for the freedoms of Canadians – the very thing that the protesters were criticizing him for not doing.   The protests started in response to Canada’s outrageous COVID mandates.

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Trudeau lied when he labeled conservatives Nazis.  MP Melissa Lantsman is a descendant of Jews who suffered under the Nazis in Europe.  She asked for an apology and Trudeau walked away.

Sadly, Prime Minister Trudeau’s Deputy Prime Minister’s grandfather was a Nazi.  This is another example liberals projecting their crimes and sins on good people.

EXCLUSIVE: Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland’s Grandfather Was a Nazi and She Admires George Soros. It’s No Surprise She’s Labeling Freedom-Loving Canadians Terrorists

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