Tyrant Trudeau is Losing – Majority of Canadians Now Want All COVID Restrtictions Lifted – Up 15% in Two Weeks



Despite all of Justin Trudeau’s lies, smears and dirty tricks, he’s losing the battle of public opinion.

The Canadian people have had enough.

The latest polling shows a majority of Canadians want the tyrannical COVID restrictions to end.  This is a 15 point swing in public opinion in just two weeks.

Toronto Sun reported:

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A majority of Canadians now say it is time to end COVID restrictions, according to an Angus Reid poll, a sharp increase from when the same question was asked in early January.

The latest poll, taken Jan. 27-28, found 54% want restrictions to be lifted compared to just 39% who wanted restrictions lifted when the same question was asked two weeks earlier.

The poll asked people if they agreed or disagreed with the statement: “It’s time to end restrictions and let people self-isolate if they’re at risk.”

“A majority (54%) now say it is time to remove restrictions and let Canadians manage their own level of risk, an increase of 15 percentage points since this question was asked in early January,” the Angus Reid Institute said.

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