Uber, Lyft, And Taxis Add Fuel Fees To Offset High Gas Prices


On Wednesday, Uber riders across America began paying a maximum 55 cent fuel charge. That same day, competing ride-share company Lyft announced it will impose a similar fee that will be added to rides starting next week. Both companies said in statements the move is to help off-set high gas prices for drivers who have to pay for their gasoline at the pump.

The Washington Post reported that Uber said that “the surcharges are based on average trip distances and the increase in gas prices in each state.”

“It said the fee will remain in place for 60 days and will go to ‘help reduce the burden’ on drivers who are feeling the sting of record gas prices,” the Post added.

Likewise, Lyft said in a blog post that as gas prices fluctuate, the company will “continue monitoring gas prices, listening to how drivers are being impacted, and finding ways to support them as things evolve.”

Taxis in some areas are adding a $1 surcharge as well. In Washington, D.C., district regulators announced the new fee, the Post reported:

“The surcharge will help offset the effects of the U.S. ban on Russian oil and high prices at the gas pump,” the District’s Department of For-Hire Vehicles said in a statement. The agency said the surcharge will remain in effect for 120 days.

Many taxi drivers and managers welcomed the move, according to the Post:

Roy Spooner, general manager of D.C. Yellow Cab, said the additional dollar can help drivers as gas prices are “getting worse every day” and demand for fares hasn’t returned to pre-pandemic levels.

“When you think about how regular gas has pretty much doubled, every little bit helps,” Spooner said. “That extra dollar of gas will probably get you three or four miles and the average trip in the city is five miles, so you got some help with it.”

The Daily Wire recently reported that other folks are taking to a different approach to beating pain at the pump — stealing gasoline.

Thieves in North Carolina stole nearly 400 gallons of gasoline from one gas station in the Tar Heel State on Tuesday:

According to local TV station WGHP, the thieves attacked the Bizzy Bee Grocery and BP gas station in High Point, North Carolina, and stole almost 400 gallons of gasoline directly from its pumps late Tuesday evening, after the station had closed for the night. Gas station owner Hardik Patel told WGHP that about 15 cars in total showed up to the pumps, stealing about $1,600 in gas. “I lost a lot of money last night,” Patel said. “It’s a lot of money to be lost. It’s really bad.”

The Daily Wire added this newest heist was tied to surging fuel prices:

The gas expert said the theft was not common, but he tied it to the record spike in gas prices. The Daily Wire reported last week that gas surged to a record high of $4.104 per gallon, breaking the previous record set all the way back in 2008. Gas prices have continued to surge since then and currently sit at about $4.30 per gallon on average nationwide, according to AAA, though some relief is expected as oil prices slide downward.

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