VIDEO: Florida Republican Fires Cannon At Biden’s Anti-Gun Agenda


According to an article posted by Pro-Gun News, a congressional candidate in Florida is sending a strong message to President Joe Biden when it comes to the 2nd Amendment and the United States Constitution. Martin Hyde, who is running against a Kevin McCarthy ally in Southwest Florida, fired off a cannon in response to Biden’s comments about the 2nd Amendment pertaining to certain weapons of self defense and not others.

After Dementia Joe made a point of falsely claiming that “nothing in the Constitution is absolute” and that the “2nd Amendment” does not provide you the right to own a cannon, Florida congressional candidate Martin Hyde has apparently not gotten the message from the Gun-Grabber-In-Chief. Hyde is a former UK professional soccer player who has lived in Sarasota, Florida for the past 20 years as a successful small business owner. 

Pro-Gun News even cited an article from earlier this month on TGP by longtime Trump advisor Roger Stone, who is supporting Hyde against the “cravenly corrupt” Buchanan. Read that here.

Speaking to this GP journalist via phone Friday night, Hyde accused establishment Republicans like his opponent Congressman Vern Buchanan of “bootstrapping the Marxist narrative.”

“The dangers of a Joe Biden administration do not end with the Democrats. Establishment GOP hacks like Vern Buchanan bootstrap the Marxist narrative for the mainstream media so they can say “see even Republicans disagree”. The people in Florida’s 16th district are fed up with those parlor games.”

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Hyde, as Pro-Gun News stated, went viral last Christmas for refusing to take down his “Let’s Go Brandon” decorations, even after the homeowner’s association in his neighborhood continued to threaten him. He also hilariously excoriated his local school board during public comment about their reckless spending, adoption of “wokeism” and ended by shouting “Let’s Go Brandon”, which also went viral.

Hyde came to the United States of America over 20 years ago from the United Kingdom, where he was a professional soccer player. In the past two decades, he has built a successful small business in Sarasota, Florida. Apparently, Mr. Hyde was ahead of the curve with his exodus from Great Britain before it became the open-borders hellhole that it is today.

You can support his campaign by clicking here.

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