VIDEO: MSNBC Hack Calls Steve Bannon a “Gladiator for Fascism” Who Wants “To Write His Mein Kampf in Prison” Because he Supports Election Integrity


MSNBC hack Malcolm Nance called former Trump Chief Strategist a “gladiator for fascism” who wants “to write his Mein Kampf in prison.”

Malcolm Nance spewed this hateful garbage at Bannon this morning on MSNBC.  They hate Steve Bannon because he supports election integrity.

The MSNBC team is very upset that parents are speaking out against the dangerous vaccines and critical race theory being taught to their kids.

MSNBC and the Biden regime calls this terroristic activity.

Malcolm Nance: “This man views himself as a gladiator for fascism… He is looking for the absolute takeover of the American experiment and re-engineering it into an authoritarian fascist movement. So he wants to go to jail. He wants to write his Mein Kampf in prison.”

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