VIDEO: Nevada High School Girl Relentlessly Punches Female Classmate


Horrific footage apparently caught the moment a female high school student in Nevada relentlessly punched another girl in the head over 30 times as no one intervened.

The video, obtained by the New York Post, shows the aggressor approaching the victim from behind as she sits at her desk in a classroom at Las Vegas High School on Wednesday, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The student then unleashes a barrage of punches to the girl’s head, striking her over 30 times in 16 seconds. Towards the beginning of the attack, the student attempts to protect her head with her hands, as students can be heard laughing.

Warning: Disturbing Video Below. Viewer Discretion is Strongly Advised: 

“No, stop. Guys, stop. Stop. Get off of her,” someone says, though it is unclear if it was a teacher or another student. 

About six seconds into the video, the victim’s hands drop to her desk as the aggressor violently punches her defenseless head. After striking the girl dozens of times, the attacker walks away as the victim lays motionless with her head on the desk.

The status of the victim is not clear and neither are the injuries the victim suffered, according to KTNV.

The Clark County School District Police Department (CCSDPD) stated the student was cited for battery, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.

Lt. Bryan Zink with the department said that police did not have access to the video when the beating was reported.

Zink noted that the video “would have been very helpful at the time.” He added that the case is still being investigated.

A woman who posted the video online called the Clark County Schools District a “sad joke.”

“I am only sharing this simply to bring awareness to other parents or people for that matter, on how this sad joke of a school system ACTUALLY is,” she said, according to KTNV. 

The Clark County School District released a statement on the vicious attack, according to KTNV.

“School administration is aware of the matter and is taking this incident seriously,” the statement begins.

It continued in part:

CCSD investigates every reported case of bullying and takes appropriate action if needed. We are unable to discuss individual student disciplinary matters due to privacy laws. However, in general, students can face administrative disciplinary action at school or be referred to law enforcement for possible criminal prosecution depending on the severity of the matter.

Irene Cepeda, the school board president, released a statement on the beatdown via the CCSD’s Facebook page.

“The CCSD Board of School Trustees and superintendent take every incident of violence seriously, regardless of who commits the violence,” Cepeda said.

“The CCSD Board of School Trustees and superintendent take every incident of violence seriously, regardless of who…

Posted by Clark County School District on Saturday, February 5, 2022

Superintendent Jesus F. Jara also released a statement in the post.

“Violent acts, assaults, and bullying will not be tolerated in the Clark County School District, and those who choose to engage in these activities will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” Jara wrote.

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