Video shows elderly Delaware store owner getting pistol-whipped and stomped


Sickening video shows an elderly jewelry-store owner getting pistol-whipped and stomped on the head — before he was hit “full force” in his skull with a hammer during the brutal 20-minute robbery, according to kin.

Footage shared by the 68-year-old Delaware store owner’s family shows a man dressed all in black — including a mask — initially pretending to show interest in the jewelry at Solid Gold in downtown Wilmington on Sept. 15.

But then he suddenly grabs the Korean-American store owner near his throat — and appears to hold a pistol to his head.

Despite his victim not appearing to resist, the black-clad thug then slams the weapon into the elderly man’s head.

Even though the first hit seems to completely daze the store owner, the attacker still hits him two more times with the weapon before allowing his victim to slump to the ground behind a store display counter.

But still not done, the attacker clambers over the counter — and then starts stomping on the seemingly unconscious man’s head.

The brutality was caught in just 36 seconds of footage from the 20-minute attack and raid that the store owner’s son, Steve Suh, said was otherwise too traumatic to share.

Video from brutal Delaware robbery.
The black-clad attacker initially pretends to show interest in buying jewelry in the Delaware store.
Steve Suh
Video from brutal Delaware robbery.
He then grabs the 68-year-old owner and appears to point a gun at his head.
Steve Suh

He later posted an image of his dad, whom he did not name, covered in blood after the attack left him “gravely injured” and in intensive care.

“First he pistol-whipped him. Then he stomped his head when my father tried to get up,” Suh wrote of his dad’s attacker.

“Then finally beat him in the head 28 times with two of those blows thrown with a deadly hammer,” he said.

Suh said his dad was left “critically ill in the ICU” for four days “after suffering from an internal head bleed and severe concussion.

“He is relearning how to do the most basic things like walk, read and talk,” he said, adding on Facebook that “anyone else his age may have easily been killed.”

Video from brutal Delaware robbery.
The attacker pistol-whipped the store owner three times even though the first hit seemed to knock him out.
Steve Suh
Video from brutal Delaware robbery.
The attacker was filmed climbing over the counter and stomping on the seemingly unconscious store owner’s head.
Steve Suh

While around $100,000 in jewelry was taken, Suh wrote in the posting, “I believe the hate/ anger filled in this person led to the many unnecessary blows to my dad’s head.”

He noted how his dad’s business had been “just scraping by during the Covid pandemic” — and then “evil opportunists during the George Floyd protests looted the store and left him with virtually nothing.

“My father is 68 and his ‘American Dream’ has come to a crashing halt,” the son wrote poignantly of the terrifying attack.

After failing to get local coverage, Suh shared the video with Dion Lim, a news anchor more than 2,800 miles away in San Francisco who has regularly publicized anti-Asian hate attacks.

Delaware store owner covered in blood after brutal Sept. 15 attack.
Steve Suh said his dad was left “gravely injured” and left needing to relearn how to “walk, read and talk.”

Lim noted how police had busted Calvin Ushery, 39, for the robbery.

Ushery was charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, possession of a firearm by a prohibited person as well as first-degree robbery and criminal mischief, police noted. None of the initial charges appeared to be related to the caught-on-camera assault. He remained in custody on $130,500 cash-only bail, records show.

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