WATCH: Rams’ Matthew Stafford Walks Away After Photographer Takes Brutal Fall, Breaks Spine


Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford is seen on video turning and walking away a split second after a photographer takes a brutal ten-foot plunge off a stage right in front of him on Wednesday.

The photographer, Kelly Smiley, was covering the Rams’ Super Bowl parade celebration on Wednesday when she mounted the open stage where the players greeted the fans as the parade concluded, CBS Sports noted.

Smiley was snapping photos only a few feet away from Stafford and his wife, Kelly Hall. But she took one step too close to the edge of the stage and went plunging off.

Stafford’s reaction is taking heavy criticism. The second Smiley disappeared from view, he turned on his heel and casually walked away.

He appeared to mouth the words, “Oh my, God,” as he turned his back. Though, he did not take action.

Stafford saw her fall and told Kelly to take care of it

— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) February 17, 2022

Unfortunately for Smiley, she noted on Twitter that she suffered a spine fracture:

Unfortunately I fractured my spine

— Kelly Smiley (@kellysmiley23) February 17, 2022

A GoFundMe page was set up to help with her medical expenses, which will likely be extensive.

Stafford was blasted by many on social media for his lack of concern about Smiley’s safety:

I wondered the same thing here’s to hoping she’s OK it is a bad look for Stafford to just walk away. Glad his wife didn’t.

— Laura Steele ? (@RealLauraSteele) February 17, 2022

Just seeing this.

Come on, Stafford. Walking away? That’s cold-hearted.

How many people would rush over to make sure she’s okay or help? A lot.

— Raul Martinez (@RaulNBCBoston) February 17, 2022

I lost all RESPECT for him SHAME ON HIM ??@matt_stafford9

— michelee (@mishellymissyW) February 17, 2022

That’s the reaction of someone who spent 13 years in Detroit.

— Jerrrrrrrryyyyy (@crowe176) February 17, 2022

NOT hall of fame material. Way to be a gentlemen, Matthew! Bad bad look

— Greg Durant (@durandurantula) February 17, 2022

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