WATCH: Video Captures Moment Private Plane Crashes On Florida Interstate

WATCH: Video Captures Moment Private Plane Crashes On Florida Interstate

New footage emerged this week of the moment a private jet attempted to land on an interstate in Florida after experiencing catastrophic engine failure and ended up crashing and bursting into flames.

Of the five people on the plane, two were killed and three survived when the Bombardier Challenger 600 jet crashed on I-75 near Naples, Florida, around 3:15 p.m. local time on Friday.

The moment the crash happened was captured on dashcam footage from a vehicle traveling in the lanes where the plane attempted to land.


WATCH: New video shows Friday’s plane crash on I-75 in Naples, Florida

— BNO News (@BNONews) February 12, 2024

Those killed included Capt. Edward Daniel Murphy, 50, and co-pilot Frederick Hoffman, 65, according to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

Those who survived included crew member Sydney Ann Bosmans, 23, and passengers Aaron Baker, 35, and Audra Green, 23.

CNN reported that tracking data showed that the plane took off from Ohio State University Airport early Friday afternoon and was headed toward Naples Airport when it crashed.

The report added that shortly before the plane crashed, a pilot radioed air traffic control to report that the plane had experienced a catastrophic event.


“Lost both engines. Emergency,” the pilot said. “Make an emergency landing.”

The plane was close enough to the airport that an air traffic controller cleared the plane to land.

“Cleared to land, but we’re not going make the runway,” the pilot responded.

Robin King, the director of communication with the Naples Airport Authority, said: “It was coming in for a landing. We received word that it had possibly lost an engine, we have not confirmed that. Then we lost contact.”

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