Waukesha Suspect Darrell Brooks Posted a Rap Video in 2019 that included His Ford SUV Used in Sunday’s Deadly Attack (VIDEO)


Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks with his Ford SUV in a video he

Multiple people were killed and injured after a person driving an SUV plowed through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Sunday evening.

There are also reports of gunshots being fired by police at the SUV.

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier the suspect’s name is Darrell Brooks and he was recently released on bail.

Following the attack, the local police scanner captured the name of the suspect who left his ID in the vehicle.

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Laura Loomer was first to report on this.

The suspect Darrell Brooks is a sex offender.

He has a long record.

The alleged Waukesha car attack suspect Darrell E. Brooks currently has two open criminal cases against him.

He posted bond for two felonies and three misdemeanors two days ago

He also posted bond for three felonies last March.

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) November 22, 2021

Journalist Karol Markowicz confirmed his identity from his birth date.

I can confirm, as I have his birthday, that this is the man in custody in Waukesha.

— Karol Markowicz (@karol) November 22, 2021

His social media under the name “MathBoi Fly” was found by an intelligent investigator.

For clarity, this is how I figured out what is Darrell Brooks alleged Twitter. Address in his documents search on google. Google search of that e-mail address connected brought up his Twitter. Twitter linked his SoundCloud &YouTube. All unconfirmed but pretty confident

— M (@SoulofSowell) November 22, 2021

Brooks was not a fan of Donald Trump or Scott Walker.

Brooks rapped about “F**k Donald Trump and F**k Pigs.”

Here’s the alleged Waukesha killer Darrell Brooks AKA Mathboi Fly rapping F*** Donald Trump F*** Pigs and saying he has an AK 47 like Malcom X

— Media Right News (@MediaRightNews1) November 22, 2021

And Brooks posted a video in October 2019 featuring his Ford SUV.

Alleged Waukesha Suspect Was Recently Released on Bond – Rapped about ‘F**k Donald Trump and F**k Pigs’ – Lived in Milwaukee, Launched Attack in Conservative Waukesha

And then he drove to the Waukesha Christmas parade on Sunday and slaughtered innocent Americans.

What do you think?

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