What Changed? Last Night Ontario Premier Reportedly Said He Was Going to Drop Vaccine Mandates But Today He Declares a State of Emergency?


What a difference a day makes. Last night it looked like Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford was going to side with the Freedom Convoy protests on the streets. But this morning he announced that he’s going to declare a state of emergency while threatening the protesters.  What happened?

This morning we woke to the news that the Ontario Premier Doug Ford was on tape saying that he was going to announce that he was going to drop the vaccine passports.

?TRUCKER TRIUMPH: Embattled Ontario Premier deluged by phone calls, caves in to demands to drop vaccine passports.

In this phone call, recorded by a supporter, he says he’ll make the announcement tomorrow. Full story here:

— Ezra Levant ?? (@ezralevant) February 11, 2022

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But late this morning the same guy announced he was going to forcefully shut down the truckers’ protests in Ontario as he declared a state of emergency.

Who wrote Doug Ford’s speech — Justin Trudeau, Pfizer, or Castro?

— Ezra Levant ?? (@ezralevant) February 11, 2022

What happened overnight?  Did Ford change his mind or was he lying on the phone to the caller?  Was Ford coerced by Prime Minister Trudeau or other globalists?  Why did he decide to choose tyranny over freedom?  Is this who this guy is?

Don’t forget that he belongs to the center-right Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, the equivalent of our RINOs.

What do you think?

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