‘What Did You Win?’: LeBron Mocked for Proposing Joint Lakers-Dodgers-Rams Championship Parade


If there’s anyone in sports who can take someone else’s shining moment and make it about themselves, it’s Lebron James.

The Lakers star forward, who appeared maskless at the Super Bowl and remains silent about China’s use of slave labor to preserve his business deals with the oppressive communist country, took to Twitter after the game to suggest that the Dodgers, Lakers, and Rams hold a joint victory parade.

The Rams won the Super Bowl, so their need for a victory parade is obvious. However, with the Lakers five games under .500 and the Dodger’s failure to even make it to the World Series last year, much less win it, it’s unclear why they would be involved.

Nonetheless, LeBron invited himself to the Rams party.

We, Dodgers and Rams should all do a joint parade together!!!! With a live concert afterwards to end it!! City of Champions ??????. Congrats ? once again!!! ?????????

— LeBron James (@KingJames) February 14, 2022

It didn’t take Twitter users long to blast James for this absurdity.

Lebron missing a Lakers game to attend the Superbowl parade for the rams that he invited himself to in order to celebrate a old Lakers championship would be amazing content

— PFT Commander (@PFTCommenter) February 14, 2022

Bro, you’re 5 games under .500 looking to celebrate a championship that happened 2 years ago.

Leave it to you to somehow make a SB win about yourself

— Dru (@sftheletters) February 14, 2022

Who wants to tell him?

— Mardy Fish (@MardyFish) February 14, 2022

2022 Lakers players at that Parade

— Basketball Afficionado (@NBAAfficionado_) February 14, 2022

Rams looking at the Lakers like

— Johnny (@HomeMalone) February 14, 2022

Your bubble ring is not celebrated sir sorry. Go win a real one. Sincerely the Real citizens of LA

— Zackwoods (@Zackwoods415) February 14, 2022

LeBron trying to get in on the Rams’ parade

— Daniel Lubofsky (@D_Lubofsky) February 14, 2022

Since winning a championship in “the Bubble” in 2020, things have gone downhill for LeBron and the Lakers. It must be hard to handle the emotional fall from grace. But still, man, have some dignity.

What do you think?

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