‘Where’s Trudo’ Comic Brutally Mocks Justin Trudeau for Hiding During Freedom Convoy Protests


A cartoon titled “Where’s Trudo?” is brutally mocking Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for hiding while “Freedom Convoy” truckers protested coronavirus lockdowns and masking mandates in Ottawa.

The parody of Trudeau’s authoritarian Canada was created in the “Where’s Waldo” style by artist Bob Moran and features in comic form many of the outrageously, left-wing people and events that are occurring in Canada even as the Freedom Convoy is desperately trying to put a halt to some of it.

— Bob Moran (@bobscartoons) February 9, 2022

The individual vignettes are cleverly showing how Canada has spun off the rails into far-left lunacy and authoritarianism.

One segment, for instance, shows how Canadian Christian pastors and ministers have been harassed and arrested by Trudeau’s police forces for daring to hold church services during the coronavirus pandemic:

Speaking of Trudeau’s efforts to turn police into COVID stormtroopers, there is another spot satirizing the time police tackled and arrested a Montreal woman for not wearing a mask:

Another shows a rotund fellow in a mask wearing a shirt reading, “I Love Pharma”:

Then there is the bit featuring a transgender person in full beard wearing a red mini dress:

Another depicts a woman throwing a tiny baby into a garbage can, showing how little many people think of human life. There was a famous case in Calgary not long ago where a mother was charged for throwing her baby in a dumpster. There was also a more recent case in New Mexico, in the U.S., as well.

Again, depicting police turning their backs on Canadian values, there is a vignette of a Canadian Mounted Police officer allowing his mount to defecate on the nation’s flag:

Another shows a black-clad police officer with a gun chasing an unmasked person:

Artist Moran took a swipe at World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab, too:

The media takes a beating, as well, as the artist depicted a news crew all excited to interview a cat while ignoring the Freedom Convoy and the anti-mask protests:

Waldo makes an appearance behind a mask, too:

Finally, the PM himself can be seen hiding in the lower left-hand corner (of course) wearing a black-face costume:

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