Yikes! Joe Biden’s Approval Number Drops to Just 35% with 95% of the Media Solidly Behind Him


You know it’s bad when 95% of the media is behind you and you still score a 35% approval rating.

Maybe it’s the record inflation?

Maybe it’s the wide-open border?

Maybe it’s the 2 million illegal aliens he let into the country his first year?

Maybe it was the $80 billion in arms he left the Taliban?

Maybe it was because he stranded 14,000 Americans in Afghanistan?

Maybe it’s his free crackpipes initiative?

Maybe it’s his dementia?

Maybe it’s his groping the kids?

Whatever it is, he’s in trouble.

Biden Job Approval

Among Adults (1,321):

Approve 35%

Disapprove 55%


Among RV (1,172):

Approve 37%

Disapprove 56%

.@QuinnipiacPoll, 2/10-14

— Political Polls (@Politics_Polls) February 17, 2022

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