You Can’t Make This Up – CNN’s Jim Acosta Labels Tucker Carlson as “Bull$hit Factory Employee of the Year”


One of the most disgusting media personalities in the nation has taken it upon himself to label FOX News’ Tucker Carlson, who has the biggest cable news show, as full of it.  Jim Acosta is the pot calling the kettle black.

This isn’t the first time Acosta has attacked Tucker Carlson:

WATCH: CNN’s Crybaby Loser Jim Acosta Whines That Tucker Carlson is ‘Fox’s Chief White Power Correspondent’

But to be real, Acosta has no business calling anyone out for their reporting after the grotesque actions he took against President Trump.  He also hates it when he is called out.

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So it’s shocking to see Acosta make fun of Tucker Carlson and label him anything, let alone a BS artist.

It’s official, Jim Acosta has named Tucker Carlson as the 2021,

“Bullshit Factory Employee of the Year”.

“That’s right Tucker, you’ve earned it.” -Acosta ?

— TheSadTruth? (@ReportsDaNews) November 20, 2021

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