Chinese Restaurant Loses Business License For Failing To Display One Of Those Weird Lucky Waving Cat Statues

Chinese Restaurant Loses Business License For Failing To Display One Of Those Weird Lucky Waving Cat Statues

ANAHEIM, CA — A local Chinese restaurant lost its business license today after a health inspector found the establishment did not have one of those weird lucky waving cat statues on the front counter.

“Hey, wait just one minute here,” the inspector said. “Where’s the thing? The golden statue thingy of a cat waving at me. You don’t have one? What kind of a Chinese restaurant is this? How am I supposed to believe you’re a legit Chinese place when there’s no waving cat statue? Who runs this place? What’s next? Am I going to see french fries on the menu? Chinese my rear!”

Despite the hostess notifying the inspector that the statue was technically a Japanese thing, the man refused to drop the subject. “I’m not going anywhere until someone tells me what type of deceptive shenanigans are being pulled at this place,” he said. “You go to a Chinese restaurant, you expect to see a weird lucky waving cat statue. It’s common sense. Don’t you know your own culture?”

Management at the Hong Kong Buffet had sent a member of the kitchen staff on a frantic search of nearby Asian decor shops to buy a weird lucky waving cat statue but was unable to find one in time.

As a result of the findings, the restaurant has received a grade of “F.”

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