Joe Rogan Savagely Bullies Scientist By Inviting Him On Podcast To Explain His Position


U.S. — In a brazen and shameful example of brutal cyberbullying, podcast host Joe Rogan has invited pro-vaccine health expert Doctor Peter Hotez to come on his show and explain his position to millions of listeners.

“We’ve seen inexcusable behavior from Rogan before, but this, frankly, is beyond the pale,” said MSNBC Health Correspondent Samir Monkiypax. “The honorable Dr. Hotez is too pure to debase himself before a podcast audience by sharing his expertise regarding vaccine safety. Now he must deal with the unspeakable trauma of being invited on Joe Rogan’s show. How could you, Joe Rogan?!”

Sources say Dr. Hotez has been forced into hiding due to the constant, terrifying harassment of Joe Rogan inviting him on his show. “My life is ruined,” said Hotez to reporters from a secure location. “When you bully me, you’re bullying science. How heartless do you have to be to bully science?”

Sources report Rogan has doubled down on his sadistic persecution of Hotez by confirming he has an open invitation to share his vast knowledge with the world any time he wants.

At publishing time, Rogan had claimed another bullying victim after asking that one elk meat guy to come on the show and talk about elk meat again.

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