25-Year-Old Guatemalan Soccer Star Dies After Suffering Heart Attack in Training


Another young soccer (football) star has died after suffering a sudden heart attack.

25-year-old Marcos Menaldo died after suffering a heart attack on Monday.

The Guatemalan footballer complained of breathing difficulties before he dropped.

The Sun reported:

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GUATEMALAN star Marcos Menaldo has tragically passed away at the age of 25 after suffering a heart attack in training on Monday.

The Deportivo Marquense defender complained of breathing difficulties during a session while preparing for the new season.

Menaldo received emergency CPR at the Marquesa de la Ensenada Stadium in San Marcos.

He was then transferred to the Hospital de Especialidades where he died.

The centre-back was instrumental in helping Deportivo win Guatemala’s second division title last campaign.

They were crowned as Liga de Ascenso champions in December on the day that Menaldo turned 25.

In the last couple weeks, TGP reported on 4 other young soccer stars who died after suffering heart attacks.

Croatian footballer Marin Cacic, Oman international player Mukhaled Al-Raqadi, Egyptian goalkeeper Ahmed Amin, and  Algerian football player Sofiane Loukar all died at the end of December, the COVID world reported.

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