5th Mexican Journalist Killed in 2022


Gunmen in Mexico shot and killed a journalist in the southern state of Oaxaca, marking the  fifth of its kind for the country in 2022.

The murder took place in Salina Cruz, where gunmen killed Heber Lopez Vasquez, the Committee to Protect Journalists reported.

Heber López was the fifth journalist killed in Mexico in less than six weeks. CPJ urges Mexican authorities to immediately and transparently investigate all murders and bring the perpetrators to justice.

More than 90% of murders of Mexican journalist remain unpunished.

— CPJ Américas (@CPJAmericas) February 11, 2022

In a televised statement from Oaxaca Attorney General Arturo Peimbert, two gunmen were arrested as they tried to flee the scene. The planners of the murder have not been identified.

Lamentamos informar el fallecimiento de nuestro amigo y colega periodista Heber López Vásquez. Fue privado de su vida esta noche en barrio Espinal de #SalinaCruz #Oaxaca, al interior de su estudio de grabación.

Estamos consternados ante tal situación.

— RCP Noticias (@RCP_NoticiasSC) February 11, 2022

Lopez’s murder drew outrage from journalists throughout Mexico and international press freedom organizations.

Pueden decir que ‘ya no hay impunidad’. Pueden decir que un periodista asesinado no era periodista. Pueden decir las veces que quieran que ‘no fue por su labor’.

La retórica no parará la violencia, no acabará con la impunidad y no brindará protección.

— Jan-Albert Hootsen (@jahootsen) February 11, 2022

Several international NGOs label Mexico as the most dangerous in the world due to the impunity with which journalists are killed.

On January 31, gunmen shot and killed 59-year-old Roberto Toledo, in Zitacuaro, Michoacan. He was a journalist with Monitor Michoacan.

On January 23, gunmen shot and killed Lourdes Maldonado outside her home in Tijuana, Baja California. She previously asked President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador for physical protection.

On January 17, a man shot and killed renowned international photojournalist Margarito Martinez at his home in Tijuana.

On January 10, unknown individuals stabbed Jose Luis Gamboa in Veracruz. He was the head of the online publication Inforegio.

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