A (Real) Patriot Coffee Company To Try: Mount Rushmore Coffee Company


Several coffee companies are claiming to be patriots.

But not all are.

One high-profile company failed to support the 2nd Amendment when they had the chance, and we’re not buying from them anymore.

When we looked for a true patriot coffee company, we were thrilled to find Mount Rushmore Coffee Company.

Mount Rushmore Coffee Company offers:

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— Delicious coffee lovingly roasted by one of the great experts in the field

— Shipping the same day it’s roasted for whole bean coffee — ground coffee is shipped the day after roasting (to give the naturally-released gasses time to expand)

— Legendary customer service

Quality coffee and support for conservatives are what you’ll get when you order from Mount Rushmore Coffee Company — give them a try! (ordering through this link and the links below benefits Gateway Pundit – thank you!)

Here’s what people are saying about Mount Rushmore Coffee Company:

“Ordered the K-Cup capsules. Thought it was great! Smooth not bitter. I will be making another order in the future for sure, including some extra for use at my church. I love supporting conservative companies.” — Martin K.

“Smelled great, tasted smooth and delicious. Loved buying from Patriots.” — Julie C.

“Because of health had to go to decaf coffee, it has been hard finding one I like. Then I ordered your Decaf-laration of Independence coffee and it was a game changer. Its even better then reg coffee.” — Mari H.

Check out these blends:

George Washington’s Rising Sun Blend is named after George Washington’s iconic Rising Sun chair, which he sat in during the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention.

A breakfast blend, George Washington’s Rising Sun is a medium-roasted blend of South American coffees that is as magnificent as an early morning sunrise. Tasting notes include walnuts, mild apple, raisin, and toffee.

The Decaf-Laration Of Independence Blend is a decaf roast for patriots who don’t want caffeine. So tasty some people like it better than regular coffee!

The Bald Eagle Freedom Roast is a certified organic coffee. With tasting notes of dark chocolate, molasses and brown sugar, it will have you celebrating freedom every morning.

People are saying about Mount Rushmore Coffee:

“FINALLY, a coffee company that genuinely cares about America. Other coffee companies have lied to us about their patriotism while actually being cowards who don’t stand up for what’s right because they’re afraid of being canceled. I’ve been a loyal customer of Mount Rushmore Coffee Company since I first heard about them on social media!” – Jamie

“I used to drink coffee from that other company that claims to be patriots, but I stopped after they refused to support Kyle Rittenhouse because they are cowards. When I learned about Mount Rushmore Coffee Company, I knew they were TRUE patriots and started buying their coffee immediately! Louisiana Purchase French Vanilla is my favorite roast! Their coffee is delicious and fresh, and they truly respect America’s history. I wholeheartedly recommend them to all of my friends.” – Martin

Also, check out Mount Rushmore’s K-cups:

From the Founder of Mount Rushmore Coffee:

“Mount Rushmore Coffee Company’s mission is to honor and celebrate America’s history and Founders by offering the freshest and most delicious premium roasted-to-order coffee available online. 

I founded this coffee company as a way to fight back against the radical, anti-American forces that seek to erase America’s history by toppling statues and teaching fake, revisionist history in schools in an effort to teach children to hate America and the Founding Fathers.

All of our many coffee roasts are named after an important American icon or piece of our history.  Some names include ‘Benjamin Franklin’s Electric Espresso’ and ‘Thomas Jefferson’s Pumpkin Spice.’

We ensure that our coffee is the most flavorful coffee you’ve ever tasted. It’s our way to give something back to this great country and the heroes who came before us and fought for our freedom.

If you love America and its history as much as I do, order a bag of Mount Rushmore Coffee today and start drinking coffee from a company that shares for values and wants to fight for the future of this country.”

Click here to order!

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