A Year After Dropping MyPillow, Bed, Bath and Beyond Shutter 37 Stores — Lack of Inventory Cost Them $100 Million


One year ago, on January 18, 2021, Bed, Bath and Beyond announced they would no longer carry MyPillow products after the Founder and CEO Mike Lindell challenged the results of the fraudulent 2020 presidential election.

This was one year ago tomorrow.

Bed Bath & Beyond has now officially DROPPED MyPillow! Thank you to everyone who stepped up and help amplify our message and thank you to @BedBathBeyond for siding with democracy.

— (@MeidasTouch) January 19, 2021

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** You can still contact Bed, Bath and Beyond here over their irrational decision.

Now a year later Bed, Bath and Beyond is shuttering 37 stores — they’re having inventory issues. Obviously, they’re having a hard time getting all of those Chinese pillows.

Via Pro-Trump News.

Bed, Bath & Beyond removed MyPillow products from its stores in January 2021.

According to CNN Business at the time, it was because Mike Lindell questioned the validity of the 2020 election.

A year later, Bed, Bath & Beyond is suffering.

In their latest quarterly results, the retailer announced a “lack of inventory” cost them $100 million.

They could have stocked their shelves with MyPillow products, but they decided to get political.

CNBC reports that the outlook for Bed, Bath and Beyond isn’t good:

In a note to clients, Fadem said that Bed Bath & Beyond’s fundamentals are “deteriorating” amid “choppy execution” by management.

In the near term, Tritton said that the supply chain headwinds will persist, putting a damper on future results.

Bed, Bath and Beyond is closing 37 stores, Todd Starnes reported.

Fortunately, Mike doesn’t need retailers like Bed, Bath and Beyond.

He’s going direct to conservatives and passing on the savings.

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