Abbott and Costello Take On Covid


I missed this brilliant satire that was published in September 2021. That was pre-Omricon times when Fauci and company still insisted that vaccines worked. It is published under Mark Hyman’s name at the American Spectator. What makes it even funnier (and tragic) now is the clear evidence that double-vaccinated and boosted fans of the jab are getting Covid. Biden can continue yelling at the camera about the imperative of getting vaccinated, but more Americans are now waking up and realizing that Fauci and company are wrong.

There is this fundamental truth–a genuine vaccine gives you protection against the disease it was created to defeat. In the world of real science, if you are vaccinated it does not matter if you come in contact with someone who is not vaccinated. You are protected.

None of this is true with respect to the Covid vaccines. I believe it is a scam designed to enrich pharmaceutical companies and those physicians, like Fauci, who have a financial stake and will profit from the sale of these so-called vaccines.

Here is a portion of Hyman’s take:

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Bud:  I got my vaccination. I am now protected from the virus.

Lou:  Not me.  No one’s gonna jab a needle in my arm.

Bud:  You must.

Lou:  Why?

Bud:  To protect me.

Lou:  From the virus?

Bud:  Yes.

Lou:  But I thought you said you were vaccinated.

Bud:  I am.

Lou:  You’re protected?

Bud:  Correct.

Lou:  From the virus?

Bud:  Yes.

Lou:  So, I don’t need a vaccination.

Bud:  But you do.

Lou:  Why?

Bud:  To protect me.

Lou:  I thought you were vaccinated.

Bud:  I am.

Lou:  And the vaccination protects you?

Bud:  It does.

Lou:  So, I don’t need to get vaccinated to protect you because you’re already protected from the virus by the vaccination you already got.

Bud:  No, you must get the vaccination to protect me from the virus.

Lou:  You mean the vaccination doesn’t work?

Bud:  It does work.

Lou:  If the vaccination works and you’re protected from the virus because you already got the vaccination then it doesn’t matter if I don’t get vaccinated.

Bud:  But it does matter.  Because if you don’t vaccinate you can give me the virus.

Lou: Let me see if I have this straight.

Bud: Okay.

Lou: You got the vaccination?

Bud: Yes.

Lou: The vaccination protects you from the virus?

Bud:  Correct.

Lou:  So, it doesn’t matter if I don’t get the vaccination because you’re already protected from the virus?

Bud:  No.

Lou:  Are you telling me the vaccination doesn’t work?

Bud:  No, I’m telling you the vaccination does work.

Lou:  Then why must I get the vaccination?

Bud:  To protect me from the virus.

You can read the full dialogue here. It is worth your time. Share with your family and friends who are slaves to the vaccine protocol.

What do you think?

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