After New Texas Law Requiring ID Information on Absentee Ballots – 28% of Mail-In Ballots in Primary Rejected


Texas instituted a law that all absentee ballots must include an identification number with the filing.  As a result over a quarter of ballots to date have been returned in a primary there. 

A local Dallas newspaper, the Dallas Morning News, is reporting:

More than a quarter of absentee ballots mailed to Dallas County election officials as of Thursday for March 1′s party primary have been rejected, according to Dallas County Election Administrator Michael Scarpello’s office.

So far, Scarpello’s office has returned 166 ballots to absentee voters to allow voters to “cure” any issues with their ballots. The reason those ballots were rejected was not specified, and The Dallas Morning News is seeking clarification.

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March 1′s primary is the first balloting the state is conducting since the controversial election law Senate Bill 1 took effect.

Across the state, election officials have reported issues with the new law related to absentee ballots due to a new provision requiring voters to supply either their Texas ID number or the last four digits of their Social Security number.

Those issues had been related to rejected mail-in ballot applications. But now, it appears SB 1 is having effects on actual ballots.

Democrats who prefer to steal elections because their policies are so anti-American are upset about the new law.  They argue that requiring voters to provide some sort of basic reference of who you are is voter suppression.  These are the same people who argue for vaccine mandates and passports.  As reported in the article:

“Voter suppression is alive and well in Texas,” said Wesley Story, spokesman for Progress Texas in a news release. “Texans warned Republican lawmakers about the impact their anti-voter law would have but they passed it anyway, and now we’re seeing the consequences in real time.”

In Texas, voters don’t want Democrat open borders, vaccine mandates and passports, or illegal elections.

The Dems can’t win elections with their policies.  They need the ability to steal elections because that is the only way they can win.  Voter integrity laws are nothing the Democrats want.  

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