Americans Lose Three Years of Real Wage Growth Due to Inflation Under Biden


Republican Leader on the House Ways and Means Committee Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) was on “Mornings with Maria” on Fox Business on Monday.  He discussed the real impact of Biden’s failing anti-American economic policies.

Rep. Brady shared the following about Biden’s horrific policies to date.

“Most Americans spend their time hoping to get ahead, and because of inflation under President Biden, they’ve given back three years of their real wage growth…They’ve given back three years because of this president’s policies.” 

On Democrats’ 40-year high inflation, Rep. Brady said the following about what would occur had the Democrats moved ahead with Biden’s failed “Build Back Better” plan.

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“Spending another $5 trillion, heaping that fuel onto the inflation fire won’t help, but really it’s the policies within this bill. 

“They make the labor shortage worse, which will drive inflation. They do that by no longer requiring earnings or work in the Child Tax Credit. And they exploded the subsidies in Obamacare – so much so that between the two policies, experts predict two million fewer workers will be available. 

“So here you are shoving more money into the economy, with fewer workers and supply chain problems. That means inflation is going to go higher, and it’s going to last longer.”

Here is the discussion with Rep. Brady.

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