Ana Navarro Goes on Insane Rant About January 6 and Russians, Says Trump was Not legitimately Elected in 2016 (VIDEO)


Isn’t questioning the outcome of an election illegal and an attack on our democracy?

The cackling hens at “The View” are obsessed with Donald Trump.

Co-host Ana Navarro took her obsession with Trump to another level on Tuesday and went on an insane rant about January 6 and Russians.

“There’s things which I think should transcend partisanship and should transcend politics, and a breach of the US Capitol, an attack on our democratic principles and institutions should be one of those things — and I really blame Republicans at the top for capitulating to Trump. I blame Trump for continuing this, this, this, this environment of lies and conspiracy theories and not accepting that he lost, and encouraging and promoting what happened, the big lie, and what happened on January 6,” Navarro said catching her breath.

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After accusing Trump of ‘pushing conspiracy theories,’ Navarro promoted the biggest lie of them all: that Trump colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 election.

The Russian collusion narrative collapsed years ago after Mueller/Weissmann came up empty-handed but Navarro pushed the BIG LIE anyway.

“Look, I felt that Donald Trump had not been legitimately elected. I felt he’d gotten help from the Russians, but you know what? It would have never occurred to me to take up arms against Donald Trump. That’s just not what we do in America. Our weapon of choice is voting, is democracy, it’s the ballot, and so I hope that people remember January 6. You know why? You know how? By registering to vote. By making sure they know where they have to show up to vote because there are elections this year, and they are so crucial,” Navarro said.


Wait so were allowed to question election results again?

Ana Navarro Says Donald Trump Was Illegitimately Elected in 2016 During Wild Rant on The View

— Paul Prosise (@PaulProsise) January 4, 2022

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