Another Hoax: Crazy Teacher Confesses to Leaving Threatening Notes to Shoot Up Iowa School Where She Teaches


Another day. Another hoaxer.

Council Bluffs teacher Katrina Phelan was arrested this week after she was caught leaving threatening messages to shoot up the school.

Katrina faces up to five years in prison for each count.

This was one crazy teacher.

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KMAland reported:

A Council Bluffs school district employee is accused of leaving threatening notes inside a school building.

Council Bluffs Police say 37-year-old Katrina Marie Phelan turned herself in Wednesday on an arrest warrant for three counts of threats of terrorism. Each count is a class D felony, punishable by up to five years in prison. Phelan is charged in connection with an investigation into a series of anonymous handwritten notes inside Abe Lincoln High School, where Phelan teaches. Each of the notes were reportedly found either in Phelan’s classroom or by herself in various locations within the school. While the investigation took place, the school district worked with police to increase security inside the building.

Police say Phelan admitted to writing the notes when interviewed. However, authorities determined she had no intentions or means to carry out the threats. In at least one of the notes, Phelan–posing as an unnamed student–wrote that she was tired of being made fun of.

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