Anti-Lockdown Protesters Mauled by Dogs and Beaten with Batons in Amsterdam


That will teach them!

Amsterdam officials released the dogs on anti-lockdown protesters this weekend.

Video from Amsterdam shows protesters being mauled by dogs and beaten with batons.

NOW – People mauled by police dogs, beaten with batons at unauthorized protest against Covid restrictions in

— (@disclosetv) January 2, 2022

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It’s for your good health.

For your health

— Cornelis & Johan de Witt (@DeFunctie) January 2, 2022

There was a massive crowd today in Amsterdam.

Wow! Thousands of protesters in Amsterdam demonstrate against Covid restrictions despite a ban on protests.

— Election Wizard (@ElectionWiz) January 2, 2022

More beatings.

Het gaat mis in #Amsterdam nabij het #Museumplein.

— Owen O’Brien (@_owenobrien_) January 2, 2022

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