Antisemitic Mob Targets Pro-Israel Event at Montreal Holocaust Museum

Antisemitic Mob Targets Pro-Israel Event at Montreal Holocaust Museum

An antisemitic mob targeted a pro-Israel event at a Holocaust Museum in Montreal, Canada, on Monday evening, with members of the crowd chanting “Death to Israel! Death to the Jews!”, according to Jewish community leaders.

More disturbing hate and #antisemitism from yesterday’s anti-Israel protest at a Jewish community centre in a predominantly Jewish neighbourhood in Montreal. As if protesting there wasn’t antisemitic enough, in Arabic there’s chants of “Death to Israel, Death to Jews.” There is…

— CIJA (@CIJAinfo) March 5, 2024

The Jewish Chronicle reported:

A group of “aggressive and physically intimidating” pro-Palestine demonstrators blocked the entrance to the Federation CJA building and Holocaust Museum in Montreal on Monday night to prevent Jewish community members from attending a scheduled event.

According to a statement released by Federation CJA, Montreal’s central Jewish community organisation, the mob surrounded the building in Cotes-des-Neiges where an event titled “Israeli Perspective: Coming to Life” was to take place at 6pm.

Featuring Israeli guest speakers Nir Yosef, Ori Itzhaki and Aby Volcovich, the event was part of a Canadian speaking tour designed to “fight against the delegitimisation of Israel” according to a promotional poster shared on social media.

In response, a judge in Montreal banned pro-Palestinian demonstrations near Jewish institutions and houses of worship for ten days.

Canada has seen many vociferous anti-Israel demonstrations since the Hamas terror attacks, including protests targeting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has been critical of Israel’s response to the attacks.

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